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Fish And Chips

Fish And Chips

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Bella Oregano


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Enjoy the great taste of Italian cuisine at Bella Oregano, which brings you an authentic experience that is full of Italian delights. The Menu is very reasonably priced and includes all your classic Pizza and Pasta dishes, as well as crispy fish and chips and more.

Looking for ‘The best Italian Takeaway on Dundee St, Edinburgh’, that does Margaritas, Carbonara, and Focaccia just right? With a quick online search, you will find our website as the first result on the google list. Tap it to find a wide selection of Italian Foods and Wines with an exclusive 10% discount on all online orders.

Our oven baked Lasagne Al Forno, Italian Risottos and juicy grilled Chicken Steak with large and tender chicken pieces are to die for. Pair them with our homemade Italian sides and get all the heat from southern Italy's Focaccia Piccante to northern Italy's Aubergine Parmigiana.

If you’re cutting back on meat, there are also plant based meals. Our gourmet veggie Burgers with all the lavish toppings, plus some finger licking mayo will please your tastebuds.

Feel free to call us at 0131 228 3927 and order over the phone.

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